Dubai dating scene

27 Dec

The ubiquitous cranes have paused on the skyline, as if stuck in time.

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Karen came here from Canada when her husband was offered a job in the senior division of a famous multinational.I find her in the car park of one of Dubai's finest international hotels, where she is living, in her Range Rover.She has been sleeping here for months, thanks to the kindness of the Bangladeshi car park attendants who don't have the heart to move her on.One witness, John O'Nolan, filmed the scene from across the marina: "Fire in Dubai marina getting bigger and spreading up building. A spokesman for Dubai Police told Gulf News: "It's a big fire, started on the ninth floor.Civil defence and police on the scene now to control the fire." The Dubai Civil Defence force tweeted to say they had managed to evacuate everyone from the building safely. The fire was later brought under control although "cooling" operations were continuing.