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24 Jun

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dom4j by default uses identity based equality for performance.

If you are having problems comparing documents that you think are equal but the Node Comparator decides that they are different, you might find the following useful.

In dom4j/test/src/org/dom4j/Abstract Test is-a JUnit Test Case and is an abstract base class for dom4j test cases.

If the handler wishes to "prune" the tree being built in order to save memory use, it can simply call the detach() method of the current Element being processed in the handlers on End() method.

So to process each // enable pruning mode to call me back as each ROW is complete SAXReader reader = new SAXReader(); Handler( "/ROWSET/ROW", new Element Handler() ); Document document =; // The document will now be complete but all the ROW elements // will have been pruned.