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In Buddhist usage, holding a ruyi when teaching gave the holder the right to talk.

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Edkins 1904: 238), "I fear that though your Majesty acts in this way you will still not obtain what accords with your wish." The anthropologist Berthold Laufer (196) said that the Chinese accounts of the ruyi are "more unsatisfactory" than for any other object in Chinese culture.

Herbert Giles (195) quoted the Song dynasty archaeologist Zhao Xigu 趙希鵠 (d.

1240) that the ruyi "was originally made of iron, and was used 'for pointing the way' and also 'for guarding against the unexpected,' i.e. It was, in fact, a kind of blunt sword, and traces of basket-work are still to be found inside what must have been the sword-guard." In the Ming dynasty (1368–1644 AD), ruyi became popular as ornaments or gifts symbolizing blessings and good luck. 1627 AD Zhangwuzhi 長物志 "Treatise on Superfluous Things", by Ming painter Wen Zhenheng, discussed ruyi aesthetics.

Stylized repetitions of the shape are incorporated as a motif in the depiction of heavenly clouds.

Ruyi symbolize achieving prosperity in fengshui practice.