Dating site in zambia

30 Aug

“I have had people come to me and say Iris I like you and I wanna date you.

You should see my Facebook inbox, it’s insane, it’s like proposals after proposals.

“I know one day I will run and serve in a public office but today’s politics in Zambia are cut throat.

Not that I am scared but it is just not one needs proper timing before venturing into politics,” she said.

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Featuring on the My Top Ten at Ten radio show on Hot FM, Iris who is the daughter of Former Cabinet Minister Dr Michael Kaingu said she is off the dating scene because she feels that most Zambian men are full of pretence.

“I have come out that 2011 fiasco as a stronger person.

It’s not a bad thing, it has brought me so much goodness and I now I know so many people out of that.

She added, “You find a lot of nonsense with a married man with a big wedding bands coming to tell you lies, the same goes for both single men.

They all want to have a piece of action and that is not fair.” Iris who has become a something of a sensation with most of her male followers on social media has posted some revealing photos of her curvy body and heavy boobs on her Instagram account.