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We watch your reaction like a hawk: Do you like it? For those of you with an intense curiosity about our world, I will give you a glimpse into mine. Create fresh, original content a few times a week for your own blog. Use images that truly compliment your content or use Flickr’s Creative Commons photo gallery to use a unique touch to your blog post. Research other blogs with similar content and sites with great reference material and linking from your blog posts. Establish your online presence on all social media — Twitter, Linked In, Facebook- platforms and learn the best ways to use them. Keep up with all the dynamic changes on each of the social media platforms, at a minimum. Update your credits page with all your media and major mentions and all the guest posts you have written. Share your content on social media, encouraging conversation and 8. Optimize your top pages, top blog posts and your services and product pages. Research every opportunity that comes your way such as advertisers and promotional inquiries and deciding which works best for you at your current stage of blogging. Collaborate on projects with other bloggers such as a fun e Book — Life Lessons project was a collaboration of 108 bloggers — or on another creation. Create your own products; this can be in the form of an epic product with audio interviews, worksheets and a guide book or a Kindle book or an e-course or a video series or many other things.

Manage comments, spam, compliance with your [implied] policy, and reading and replying to each one on your own blog. Guest Blog at least once or twice a month by creating fresh, engaging content for another blog. Reply to comments on every guest post that you write. Engage with every single reader who contacts you or asks a question. Run the back-end such as your publishing platform, your plugins, your design, your code, smoothly. This one can go from 5 minutes a day to 3 hours a day. Communicate with your peer bloggers and support each other. Build relationships online and offline with your community and always be ready to do something for your blogging community. Use Skype or other phone services to do a phone or video interview with those new relationships. Give interviews — in fact, accept every single interview no matter how big you ever get and always give as much value to that audience as you can. Beta test for plugins and work with developers to test applications on your site. Support your community by following other blogs, by sharing your knowledge and giving to your fellow bloggers. Endorse the products that you use and love and trust and use an honest strategy to tell your audience about it. Establish consulting services with your blogging knowledge and any other skills and experience to help others. Set up your newsletter such as Aweber, learn how to maintain it, and be smart and sincere with your email marketing strategies. Set up and maintain a Facebook fan page, understand that some people only use Facebook but can still benefit from your message. Set up a strong Linked In presence and engage in groups and provide value to conversations. Prepare for each consultation with your clients by doing serious prep work and post follow-up. Educate yourself constantly with free webinars, online courses, and tons of other material in your niche and about blogging, business, and marketing in general. Do the books especially if your blog is your business and if you have set it up as a business. Take care of the legal stuff like Trademark, set up an S-Corp or LLC or a sole proprietorship and find an accountant for your taxes. Attend conferences at least once a year and learn the latest and greatest as well as build new connections. Speak to a group about your expertise or share your story and prepare well for that speech in advance with everything you got. Set up a podcast and expand your audience and your brand by reaching people who prefer an audio medium. Track your stats using Google Analytics enough to know which direction you are headed, be sure Google can find you, where your referrals are coming from and what is happening on your site. This one can take the most amount of time in bursts but once it is done, it gains the blogger credibility and potentially income. Do it with enthusiasm and passion and excitement because no blogger can survive, much less, thrive without it. Everything else that I surely forgot in the list that keeps on growing :)!

This is the stuff you read on a blog page and it all appears in reverse chronological order with the archives dating back to whenever the blogger started this incredible creation journey. We offer you information in digestible and delicious bites about something that is of interest to you.

Whatever your interest and passion may be, there is a blogger out there pouring that same exact interest and passion into new, fresh, content for you.

To a blogger, there are two types of people in the world: the ones who read her blog and the ones who don’t. Content creation continues to be the king and queen of the process, it is the golden nugget in a blogger’s life and it is the single contributing asset to a blogger’s rise and fall, when all is said and done.

The sexiest and sweetest thing you can tell a blogger is that you will subscribe to her blog and the kindest thing you can ever do is to share her blog posts, which you immensely enjoyed, with someone else (instead of forwarding those stupid, ridiculous chain emails with complete rubbish, forward a blogger’s newsletter with information that may actually change someone’s life for the better.). Do you do something differently in your life and then take a moment to tell us so that we feel an unspeakable fulfillment for a few moments? Still, no matter what that reaction may be, no matter how silent our readers may be, or how tiny the human circles that share our content, we turn around and do it again the next day. A blogger’s life is a very busy one and a blogger’s work is never done.

Whether you need to grind, blend, polish, sand, prep, cut, clean or repair surfaces, we can provide the tools and supplies you need.3MWhether you need to grind, blend, polish, sand, prep, cut, clean or repair surfaces, 3M is the source for surface conditioning, coated, bonded, and superabrasives for use in metal fabrication, precision castings, cylindrical grinding, furniture and custom wood, automotive manufacturing, maintenance and more.

Once you click on a category you will see a list of the brand names and products we sell.

Dessa vez, vou atacar de técnico brasileiro e “reclamar” (lembrando que este blog, na Euro, não é imparcial) da arbitragem — Mano Menezes é hoje o melhor símbolo dessa classe que não perde nunca, se não for por culpa dos juizes.

Se depois do jogo da Holanda cornetei Donadoni, não vou fazê-lo agora.

We put it up on our blogs for you to consume at your leisure, now, tomorrow, a month down the road, whenever it should strike your fancy.

This content creation part, which can often take up ridiculously long amounts of our time and effort, drives all of us crazy at one point or another — pro bloggers have been known to admit to this on live “radio” (podcasts!