Dating a quebecois girl

21 Nov

After reading the piece I came back to an issue I’ve wrestled with before: it’s often really hard to find information on probability of pregnancy online in the form of charts.The reason is that there’s so much information, and much of it is skewed toward people who are undergoing treatment for infertility.The counterargument could be that higher socioeconomic status individuals pay greater taxes already.

In 15 states the law requires than health insurance cover infertility treatment.

But we must not ignore the class ramifications of these policies.

Mandating the coverage of infertility may alter the behavior of some individuals (just as the existence of ART has changed the stance of many people toward the “reproductive clock” more generally), but it is operationally a transfer from those who have children earlier, and are generally of lower socioeconomic status, toward those who have delayed childbearing toward later ages and are usually of higher socioeconomic status.

Yes, the cost is going to be in the range of tens of thousands, but that’s the magnitude of a car, and far less than a home.

A healthy child seems to me much more valuable than either of these objects to people who want to have children.