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18 Oct

According to the site's scoring guide: "800-850 is 'MARRIAGE POTENTIAL DING DING DING' 750-800 is 'take him/her home to Mom' 700-750 is a 'fixer-upper' 650-700 is 'fun for a night out, maybe, but bring cash' 600-650 is 'keep lookin'!'; anything below 500 is 'RUN because they won't even get a car loan, probably, and how embarrassing will that be at the PTA meetings?She scans the local newspaper for people who owe back taxes, pays attention to what kind of car a man drives and whether he has purchased a home or is still renting.Jerry Koller, a 50-year old from Irvine, Calif., said he put a halt to a budding romance a couple of years ago after seeing stacks of unopened bills and rent notices in his date's kitchen.As for the series itself the diamonds in the rough were Ed Asner as Axel Jordache and Bill Bixby as Willie Abbott.Asner did a great job getting away from the Lou Grant persona and becoming the brutish Jordache and everybody knew Bill Bixby as the nice guy dad on "The Courtship of Eddie's Father".For many singles, bad credit can be a deal breaker when it comes to finding love.About 30% of women and 20% of men say they won't marry a person with a low credit score, according to a new survey from Free Credit that polled 1,000 adults.

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Sure you have those once in a million times where the man actually leaves his wife for another, but for the most part, it is a script for adultery disaster.

"It doesn't matter how beautiful they are, that's not going to pay the mortgage." But no matter how important it may be, it can be an awkward topic to broach.

Roughly half of the survey respondents have talked about their credit score with a romantic interest, with 39% discussing it during the first year of a relationship, 21% bringing it up before committing to a relationship and 19% comparing scores before moving in together. Basloe doesn't ask someone for their credit score before dating them because she thinks they could easily lie, but she does look for red flags.

At, credit scores are factored into the matchmaking process, pairing you with users who have similar scores.

Since scores are self-reported, however, it's hard to tell if someone is telling the truth.