Dating a fashion designer

13 May

The two-some can most likely be found on the couch, drinking wine, watching TV and hanging out with their two cats: Jinxy and Peaches.It’s ceretainly a 180 from the craziness of New York Fashion Week, and dressing A-Listers like Michelle Obama, January Jones and Kerry Washington, and his latest project: GREYOUT.She said: "I decided to pay him the £42.50 back for my share of the cost, but I also donated the same amount to a donkey sanctuary."I saw a post on Facebook about them and I think they are such a lovely charity and they post really funny pictures.

(Pop Sugar) According to the reports, Mobolaji has already ‘discreetly’ told people that they are dating.

"He has since messaged back and he put ' I feel like the donkey sanctuary has come out better from this situation'.

I just text him back saying 'eeyore'." She added: “I met him on Plenty of Fish and I thought he seemed really nice and normal, with a good profession as I'm a career girl and he seemed quite sensible.

“Sometimes he tells me the things I don't want to hear, but at the end of the day we're partners in crime and balance each other very well.” While Wu is known by brides for his beautiful wedding dresses, he started out making dolls – which is how he met a famous friend. We met when I was 21 and designing dolls at the beginning of my career.” Since then, he’s become buddies with other stars, like January Jones and our former First Lady, who he’s dressed on several occasions – he says styling the latter is his biggest accomplishment.

“I still haven't gotten over it all these years later. Olivia Pope, wore an emerald strapless mermaid gown made by Wu.