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It’s hardly surprising, then, that the Bible describes love as much more than a feeling. Love never fails.” (1 Corinthians 13:4, 7, 8) And love makes a person act in these ways based on knowledge​—not on credulity or ignorance.

It states that love is, among other things, “long-suffering and kind. An Example of Real Love The Bible account of Jacob and Rachel vividly illustrates real love. For one thing, she was “shapely and beautiful.”​—Genesis , Remember, though, that real love is based on more than physical appearance. Rachel’s father made Jacob wait before he could marry Rachel.

It’s a dance we step into to tell a story, about the cosmos, and heaven and earth, and ultimately the marriage of the Creator to His creation–us. That saying the vows isn’t the end but the beginning. And yes date night will sometimes mean sitting on the couch after the kids go to bed and watching 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls (ok maybe that’s just mine and Alyssa’s thing) and sometimes it means getting a babysitter and making it special.

That getting married isn’t boring but an eternal adventure. So when we date well we are better reflecting our Creator and the story He’s trying to tell through us. Whatever it is, just put time and energy into it, and ultimately remember it’s about closeness and oneness.

In fact, a potential marriage mate may not be someone you find overwhelmingly attractive at first sight.

Barbara, for example, met a young man to whom she admits she was not overly attracted​—at first.

One of the things that bums me out the most is when I see married couples not putting time and energy into their relationship (my marriage included! If you are married, it’s the very center and foundation of your life, and so it should get not just as much but even more attention than your job, the kids, and definitely your hobbies.

But I think a lot of times it comes from thinking that the concept of “dating” is over once you get married.

INFATUATION → What you feel “I had a major crush on a boy when I was 12, and when I got over it, I realized why I liked him.The couple met at a well, where Rachel had gone to water her father’s sheep. Jacob found that there was more to Rachel than her beauty. Fair or unfair, Jacob’s love was now put to the test. The Bible states: “Jacob proceeded to serve seven years for Rachel, but in his eyes they proved to be like some few days because of his love for her.”​—Genesis .In fact, the Bible says that before long, Jacob was beyond the stage of attraction. If it were a case of mere infatuation, Jacob would not have waited for her. What can you learn from the example of Jacob and Rachel? Also, it’s not based solely on physical appearance.When in reality, we should be dating our spouses, even more so after marriage.One of the best pieces of marriage advice I ever got was that you are either growing closer together or drifting apart, there is no neutral. 1) IT GROWS YOU CLOSER TOGETHER For Alyssa and me, I think some of our best conversations (or as Alyssa calls them “heart to hearts”) happen when we are on some type of intentional date.