Cyclist dating

13 Sep

One of the biggest potentially positives or negatives of dating a fellow cyclist is riding together.

If you are both recreational riders that are not stressed about power zones, training programs, or winning races then being able to ride with your partner could be a huge positive.

Cycling relationships happen, riding along looking at each other’s butts in spandex it is no surprise cyclist often end up dating.

The downside is that after you stop dating a cyclist they will probably keep riding, they will look at other riders in spandex who will look back, and ….. The bottom line is that if you date a cyclist and then breakup they are probably going to date another cyclist which could be your friend, teammate, or arch rival.

“I landed in LAX and was greeted by the most beautiful cyclist I had ever met.

If you’re a committed, serious cyclist looking to climb the ranks, the best potential boyfriend/girlfriend is likely someone in a similar situation.Four years and many rides later, Willard and Sura now own G2 Bike in Aliso Viejo, California.“We are a small local bike shop with a big heart,” says Sura.The two started bantering back and forth on the social fitness platform, responding with lines from the song, with cycling twists. The comments and the Kudos started pouring in from each of us,” says Yorke.Jen started following Shane in 2013, when 1,100 miles separated the pair.