Consolidating graduate loans over 40 000 law dating

15 Apr

My goal is to have my student loans completely gone by April of 2013, or even possibly March of 2013.

I know any sooner is most likely not possible since my plan is already pretty strict.

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You can lower the interest rate on your student loans significantly by using Credible which may help you shave thousands off your student loan bill over time. Different people prefer to attack their debt in different ways.

This extra money definitely helps make this goal more attainable.

This most likely sounds insane, but I know it's possible. I will still have the same quality of life and be doing nearly everything the same.Also, using a student loan calculator can help if you want to figure out your monthly student loan payment.You can find several student loan calculators online with just a simple Google search.My main thing is that we have really ramped up our income in the past couple of months.W is currently making more than three times what he used to make at his old job, and I'm making more as well.