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The Be burial ages determined on pebbles from conglomeratic levels framing the Upper fossiliferous Travertine unit, which exhibits an inverse polarity, constrains its deposition to before the Cobb Mountain sub-chron, that is between 1.22 and .

Furthermore, for the first time on the Iberian Peninsula, and considering the nearby Valdojos site, we employ only macroremains to demonstrate the presence of a pine forest practically throughout the Holocene, thus evidencing maximum conditions of stability and resilience for this type of plant community.

40 yr BP allows us to confirm the natural origin of the species in the area at an altitude of 1350 m asl, a fact that clashes with numerous former phytosociological interpretations and which highlights the relevance of the current pine forests, as well as the need to include them within some status of legal protection.

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