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30 Jan

"She is going to hire a huge empty warehouse in the East End and invite everyone who is on their own," says a friend.

"It should be great fun."So why exactly didn't her marriage last?

"On my 40th birthday, Roger said I could either have the car or have a party.

I chose the party but I don't regret it, as it was pretty spectacular." The peace of the Palace of Westminster was shattered when an ancient grey jalopy came backfiring into New Palace Yard, just below Big Ben, the other day.

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The heirloom was one of thousands on show at Dumfries House, near Cumnock, as the BBC programme began shooting its 31st series.

"I wrote to Tony Blair saying I don't think vivisectionists should get CBEs, so here's my OBE back.

He was very nice and wrote me a lovely personal letter saying: 'I shall look after it for you until you change your mind.'" Carla, who is considering an offer of £4million plus for her Sussex mansion and animal sanctuary, adds: "As I didn't get it for my work with animals, I decided that after Blair left office I wanted it back, so I wrote to Gordon Brown. "But I've put the letter with the insignia in a cupboard and now lost the key!

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