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26 Nov

Meanwhile, the critical view is that their work was junk – Burton’s destiny unfulfilled. If you take the trouble to seek out DVDs of Becket, with O’Toole, or The Night of the Iguana, with Deborah Kerr, or The Sandpiper, Boom, The Comedians, and The Taming of the Shrew – Tennessee Williams, Graham Greene or Zeffirelli extravaganzas: to me Burton’s work is always about honour and always about love. The last bride (and widow ) was Sally Hay, whom he met whilst making Tony Palmer’s masterpiece about Wagner. Burton was already ill – chronic alcoholism and its side effects, including “absolutely unstoppably filthy moods,” to which the Welsh are anyway prone.

What would surely have cheered him up is to have accepted Stan Stennett’s offer to play Baron Hardup in Cinderella in Porthcawl. It’s somewhat tragic that the actor had become so caught up in the crazy trappings of superstar life, as a winter season on the end of a South Welsh pier would have done him good. I believe that Bethel Baptist Chapel in Pontrhydyfen is now shuttered up.

Did his desire for fame and fortune undo him in a moral sense – and look how often he took roles that were variations on Dr Faustus?

Certainly the trappings of their vast wealth are gloriously sleazy – the palazzos, yachts, diamonds, presidential suites, private jets: “I bought Elizabeth the jet plane we flew in yesterday.

Dressed in a dragon-red blazer, Richard Burton has been in his weed-choked grave for 30 years now – it still shocks me to think of his premature death, at only 58, from cardiovascular wreckage, caused by all that drinking and smoking.

Having left Port Talbot to study at Oxford, on secondment from the RAF, where he was a cadet who never saw active service but did appear in student plays, the next step, after demobilisation in 1947, was to steal scenes in Emlyn Williams and Christopher Fry productions in the West End and on Broadway, where he was scouted by Hollywood and in 1953 made a turgid biblical epic called The Robe, with Jean Simmons.

Here he delivered newspapers and collected dung from the hills to sell as garden fertiliser.

At his secondary school he encountered Philip Burton, the English master.

She is not displeased.” They employed a huge entourage of hairdressers and valets.

There was an incontinent menagerie of pampered pets.