Bios the rapid updating

11 Sep

The Type of each (CS)ME firmware Region can be either Stock (RGN, clean/stock/unconfigured images provided by Intel to OEMs) or Extracted (EXTR, dirty/extracted/configured images from various SPI/BIOS).

That means that the use of any general purpose firmware flasher software (Intel Flash Programming Tool, AMI AFU, Flashrom etc) or hardware (programmer), which directly reads/writes the Engine region of the SPI/BIOS chip, requires prior configuration of the (CS)ME firmware from RGN to EXTR.

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For certain advanced/corporate features (AMT, SBA etc) the ME uses an out-of-band (OOB) network interface to perform functions even when the system is powered down, the OS and/or hard drivers are non-functional etc.

So there are a total of three families of CSE-based firmware: CSME (CSE ME), CSTXE (CSE TXE) and CSSPS (CSE SPS).

This is a collection of everything Intel (CS)ME related. Thus, they can be extremely helpful to those who have major problems with their systems for which their manufacturer refuses to assist due to indifference and/or system age. They are compatible with both Consumer/1.5MB and Corporate/5MB systems.

It operates independently from the main CPU, BIOS & OS but can interact with them if needed.

The ME is responsible for many parts of an Intel-based system.