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02 Jun

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But: Here's good news for you (I'm different from them all) Here's good news for you (I won't drive you up a wall) Here's good news for you (Cause I'm searching for you too) What to say, what to say. Although, that's not saying much considering I don't have any friends. Realistically the number is way higher, because 50% of all people who use online dating don’t admit it 😉 So get online and make sure you are doing it correctly 😉 Become a member of The Wing Girl Method and get all insider updates, articles and discounts instantly sent to your in-box.Enter your name and email below and instantly become a member and receive your FREE E-book.I leave my socks on the floor in the bedroom, and yes they stink. Not just insist, you must LOVE to do my laundry and look forward to it. He is having fun, doing what he wants and is making his own rules. When I read this profile, I instantly felt attraction towards the guy writing it.Look forward to it like you look forward to water in the desert. Truth is the first sentence kind of threw me off, but as I continued reading, my attraction began to grew.