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14 Sep

City of Refuge leases about a quarter of the rentals from a property-management company, and a small percentage of the money from sublets goes toward paying the staff.

When Witherow died, in 2012, Pat became the Grand Pooh-Bah of the place, with a nominally involved board of directors."Mommy and Daddy got all messed up on drugs," Pat says by way of explanation, so his granddaughter had to come here for a spell.

I mean the kind of community that would protect you from vigilantes intent on dragging you out of bed in the middle of the night to take turns kicking your teeth down your throat.

Pat took her to school every day, and Rose would come down to give her baths and fix her pancakes, because sometimes it really does take a village.

(By that time, Rose was off probation, so she was able to help.) It worked out great, Pat says, since all the guys who aren’t supposed to have contact with kids knew to amscray if they saw her coming.

I wake the next morning to the rustle of cane outside my window and the smell of bacon frying.

I lie here awhile, ensconced like a spoiled cherub in piles of gold and red throw pillows and a downy gold bedspread, looking out the window at a pitiless geometry of cane fields. In the distance is an enormous plume of black smoke above an orange plinth of flame. In the living room, the whole house is as fragrant as an ice cream shop on a warm summer day.