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08 Jan

The people who entered in her life include some big names like Baek Gyun and Uhm Ki Joon.

But after the premiere of ‘I am not a Robot’ series, her name is frequently allegedly linked with Yoo Seung-ho.

Checking regularly to see what is his next project. Im from sri lanka.i have watched you in dong yi,shining inheritance & temptation of an are so handsome and are my favorite actor.i like ur smile and crazy about u.i love u bae soo bin a good future! A natural actor, versatile and passionate in every role, even in the small ones he outshines. evrytime i see u in dramas my heart melted like an ice cream...i hope in the future i see u again acted in small screen!!!!!!!!!!! It is great to find a gifted actor like you on the screen. Bae Soo i'd love to call u chun soo, i hope,i really hope you read in other show of you:) God Bless you I don't know y do u always being an unlucky man everytime i see drama that u on there... Frankly speaking, you acted much better than the male lead actor in that film. But in the real life what happened with Bae Su Bin, how died both Dong Yi and the King Sukjong ?

Talking about her net properties and assets, she has accumulated in a hefty sum. Soo-bin is seen with many actors in a screen, but what about her real-life love affair?She also got a lead role for the series named ‘The Rebel.’ The most prominent hit of early 2018 became her romantic-comedy drama in which she acted as both human and robot.Soo-bin is quite tall with the height of 5 ft 5 inches and weighs 47 kilos. The real measurement of her body is not disclosed yet. The Prince of the Legend and enjoyed his talanted and intelligent portrayal of Sa-Yong, who, along with Han Hye Jin and Song Il Gook became a part of our family. The Prince of the Legend, and enjoyed his portrayal of Sa-Yong greatly. It has been some years since I have watched Jumong. It has been some years since I have watched Jumong.