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08 May

The Bachelor's curriculum does not address clinical components in the same fashion as the Associate's degree program because these were already mastered in order to become licensed, but general requirements for each RN to BSN program will include these.

Undergraduate requirements vary by program and are usually about 60 credit hours, include: The format for online learning involves reading from an electronic textbook, emailing, discussion boards, and chat rooms.

Based on undergraduate transcripts from accredited institutions many schools have a minimum 2.0 GPA requirement and required undergraduate courses.

Most students have satisfied the general admission requirements as these were also required to pass the Associate's degree program.

Research has proven that nurses with higher education experience improved job satisfaction, improved patient outcomes, fewer medication errors, and decreased mortality rates.

Within the last few years, the push to hire Bachelor's educated registered nurses has really gained momentum.

It's obvious that in the future the Bachelor's degree will be minimum education requirement for registered nurses. Select your state from below and view a full list of accredited RN to BSN programs both online and campus based.

The general requirement is 120 credit hours, including undergraduate hours already completed during the Associate's degree program.

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Finding help during classes is usually quick and easy.So, for most students, it's really just 30 upper-level courses.The breakdown is generally: RN to BSN programs require its students to be registered nurses in good standing.From online programs to a traditional classroom setting the right fit is accessible for all nurses.Advantages and disadvantages to any style of learning are a personal decision.