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08 Sep

Just check to see if purchasing gift cards will be considered a credit card “purchase” or a “cash advance”, which could incur additional fees and charges.Another option is to use an online payment service such as Pay Pal.It turns out that somebody made a mistake and formatted the toll free number of 1-844-774-7300 as 1-800-774-7300 that is a sex chat number (get that credit card out).Here’s the email that IHG Rewards Club sent out: Conclusion Weren’t all IHG Rewards Club Spire Elite members expecting more spiced up benefits?If you’re looking to hide your purchases because you’re starting to rack up debt, you might want to consider a 0% purchase credit card to save on interest costs or a balance transfer credit card if you want to consolidate and pay off your debts once and for all.

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Sally had been convincing her husband for years about what a fabulous shopper she is.In reality, though the number of items remains the same and the great thing is that they are all fabulous!At least 6 out of 10 of my clients physically hide their purchases from their partners.On a day’s Personal Shopping trip, we have a lot to get in a short space of time. They might use their own credit card, a store card, some cash, joint account cash, joint account credit or we lay-by.Either way, we have a budget that we have worked out and will stick to, so how my clients purchase their items is completely up to them.