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19 Feb

Essentially it equips volunteers with the knowledge needed to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation and provides the guidelines on how to do so.Should you wish to volunteer, please contact the Organ Donor Foundation on our Toll Free line: 0800 22 66 11 or email .

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A corneal transplant is usually performed within 1 to 10 days after donation, depending on the completion of testing, the location of the receiving hospital and the preparation of the selected recipient. Less than 1% of corneas previously donated to the bank have been deemed unsuitable for transplant.

It is therefore not always possible or feasible for ODF to extend its resources to manage/oversee new campaigns and/or to manage/oversee the services being offered by third parties.

It also needs to be noted that the ODF is not in a position to allocate resources to those campaigns that extend beyond its scope, that duplicate its current efforts and/or require more resources than it has available.

An authorised tissue bank is fully qualified to screen, test, recover, process and distribute human tissue which is legally and respectfully obtained, is safe for transplantation and of a consistent high quality.

Screening: Donor screening is done to determine factors that may render the tissue unsuitable for transplantation.