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26 Mar

BAS has no constraints on the type of events, though common sense dictates they be safe and legal. A – ANY member of BAS can suggest an event but should realize that suggesting an event requires that member be willing to host the event they suggested.The New Member Social is our only regular monthly event but some popular events include sand volleyball, theatrical performances, going to see local bands, Greenbelt bike rides and even some community volunteer events. Q – What are my responsibilities if I choose to host an event? BAS is intended to be for single people to get together with others for activities, fun and to expand their social circle.

BAS welcomes members regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, politics, family situation, checkbook size, pets or eye color.

A variation on the caster was the pepper box, which accomplished the same thing as a caster but had squared-off sides and a handle.

Community Partnerships of Idaho has 20 years of excellence – making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in a caring work environment. Community Partnerships is about helping others learn and grow...

A – Locate BAS events on our Meet Up site, Active Singles (Hey, you're here!

) You can find scheduled events on the "Upcoming" and "Calendar" tabs. A – Because our events are 100% member-driven, our events run the gamut.