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17 Jun

Now Mail Online tells the full shocking story of the killings, the killer and the evidence the jury were not allowed to hear... In the next breath, Smith asked his friend of 35 years if he would ‘be kind enough’ to find him a lawyer.Soon after he added, ‘You’d better get a deputy out here.’ ‘I think I’ve solved the break-ins,’ he said.He had shot them when they entered his home 24 hours earlier.Now, for the first time, Mail Online can reveal the story the jury DIDN’T hear, the history suppressed by the prosecution and the truth behind the hideous explosion of violence in Smith’s Little Falls home that Thanksgiving morning.Those in support of Brady, pictured center as a young child, and Kifer say Smith had no right to take their lives in premeditated cold blood An engineer by training, he worked installing security systems in embassies all over the world moving from South Africa, to Moscow, to Senegal, Bejing, Berlin and Cairo in a career that saw him gain top level security clearance.

He had them chopping wood and clearing trees, using the tractor, odd jobs really.

The trial judge struck out any evidence of previous dealings with his victims because the prosecution argued Smith didn't know who he was firing at in the dark at 12.35pm Bullet-riddled: Nick Brady, 17, and Haile Kifer, 18, were shot like 'vermin' by Smith, who had lain in wait for them in his basement.

He wrapped them in tarpaulin and didn't call the police for 24 hours Because as Smith calmly spoke on the phone, the bullet-riddled bodies of Nick Brady, 17, and Haile Kifer, 18, were lying on tarp in his workshop.

‘I think it’s over’: What Byron Smith, walking into court before he was found guilty of murder, said to his friend on the phone after shooting dead two teen burglars in his basement Driven crazy: Smith, 64, left in his mugshot, and right, as the upstanding Vietnam War vet that his community had seen him as before Friday 23 November 2012.

His friend Bill Anderson told Mail Online that he had become unhinged after a spate of thefts on his property.