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04 Feb

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But at the end of the day, the process for selecting the secretary-general of the United Nations has remained the same. Then they told the rest of the Security Council they expected a formal vote by acclamation. Probably the last thing Guterres is thinking about right now is how the 10th secretary-general of the United Nations – his successor – will be selected.

Al denkt ze niet via die weg haar droomman te zullen ontmoeten."Het Is leuk om te zien wie zoal interesse in mij heeft, maar ik ben niet zo'n chatter", zegt ze.

"Als een man mij aanspreekt, vind ik dat gauw vervelend.

The way we choose the world’s chief diplomat has always been badly flawed. If even one says no to a candidate, the candidate is out. Someone who would not “rock the boat.” Someone who would not “spring surprises.” In the worst case, it gives you the super-pliant Kurt Waldheim (Austrian, 1986-1992) who elevated the role of the P5 even more. For the first time ever, the candidates took part in public debates where they outlined their vision and priorities. None of the six female candidates had consistent, or even significant, support. At least one of the female candidates, Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra, was not fully confident of the process.

They were, but not nearly as different as they needed to be if the process is to be seen as globally representative. Security Council (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States) find someone they can all live with. The result, most often, is a lowest-common-denominator choice. General Assembly President Mogens Lykkeetoft from Denmark, an attempt was made to open up the process. At the end of it, however, it was the major powers who came out of the Security Council after their sixth straw poll to announce that they had a “clear favorite.” The choice had been, according to U. Guterres had come out ahead in all six straw polls.