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07 Sep

(AP) _ Officials say a Lincoln high school basketball coach and faculty member has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree sexual assault of a student.The Lincoln Journal Star reports that 33-year-old Marcus Perry, an in-school suspension technician and coach of the Links’ varsity girls’ basketball team, was arrested Thursday.And so below, you can see every word she has kindly written to explain what she believes are the issues facing women’s sport right now. Caster Semenya is about as sure a gold medal bet as there is at this year’s Olympic Games.If I had one bet to make, and my life was at stake, I’d put in on her to win the 800m.The 400m and 800m, 50 minutes apart, were run in 50.7s and , with a second lap faster than 60 seconds, suggesting that she could go much, much faster.I watched them in Stellenbosch and have never seen anything like it.Perry is accused of assaulting a student in an in-school suspension room.

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The addition of 3 SD (which created a level of 7.5 nmol/L) would have meant that 16 in 1000 athletes would exceed the cutoff.

Harper is unique in the sense that she speaks on this incredibly complex topic from all three aspects – science/physiology, performance and as a transgender person herself.

She has been, and is, part of the various panels and groups that are exploring the issue, and so offers insights with authority and experience on what is likely to be one of Rio’s, if not sport’s, greatest ever controversies.

It’s a long read, this one, but if you’re at all interested, I’d encourage you to do it in shifts, or settle in with a cup of tea and take in her insights!

I wanted to interview her to give you a broader understanding of the concepts.