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21 Sep

Of those, 42,998 reside in Michigan, which is the state with the fourth highest number of registered sex offenders.California is first with 104,421, Texas is in second place with 90,616, Florida is third with 69,917. As long as convicted sex offenders let law enforcement agencies know about where they are living and working, it is their right to relocate to a new home.Those on the list face strict reporting requirements or face going back to jail or prison.

Christine Mc Donald left home at the age of 15 after several stints in the foster care system."I was befriended by a gentleman that provided me safety, a home, food and shelter, and eventually traded me off to an owner of several strip clubs," said Mc Donald.Area police departments check on registered sex offenders regularly.Holly police check on registered sex offenders unannounced, on a spot-check basis, said Chief Mike Story.Tier 3 offenders include those convicted of rape, attempted rape, molesting a child under the age of 13, and kidnapping a minor, even if there is no sexual component to the crime.Tier 3 offenders must report four times a year for life.